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It would be unfair to say that -- like everything in the electronic ozone -- domains are just a part of the worldwide web's invisible-yet-omnipresent ether. This is because while domains are no more tangible than some creepy middle-aged web-prowler's social-network identity, they happen to make up the internet's very building blocks. So whether we’re talking about top-level domains, or generic top-level domains bearing .com, .net and .org suffixes -- all bring a mighty cyber-kingdom to mind. Theirs is an electronic realm in which keywords and passwords open gates to the real world’s vast universe of products and information.

Tucked within the domain names that build this world-girdling info-highway is just about everything you'd ever need to know or want to get. So if you’re stuck in the off-line-o-sphere interested in finding out (as some guy on Wikipedia once did) how to reconnoiter the Eastern and Western shores of Panthalassa for the purpose of transporting a pair of "amiable tapirs"; or how to acquire a rare Flushaway JBC60C99 with a domestically-built thermal invisibility hook-up -- you simply go on-line to find the appropriate site. Ditto if you want to build your own unit; and ditto if you want to read a paean to the joys of using the Flushaway alone at dawn along a Panthalassan stream (actually, as you already sense, there is no such Flushaway – but you get the idea). After all that, you may want to acquire a domain or hostname related to the thing itself.

That’s what domain registrars are for.

Entirely unrelated to things that flush away, such domains as,, and

including the name for the site you are now on, are each available. This offer is being made for a period prior to their being offered at auction. Those interested should promptly email

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